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Dreaming of Snowfall

He opened his eyes, closed them quickly against the glare from the window. She had pulled the curtains wide in her excitement. Cautiously he opened his eyes again. Oblivious to her nakedness, she was standing directly in front of the newly bared window.The smooth round globes of her buttocks wobbled slightly as she leant forward with her hands on the sill, as if presenting to him. He imagined the view from the front; if the newspaper delivery boy was on time he would be seeing the attractive middle-aged housewife living at 38 Robin Hood drive in a whole new way.
Her husband yawned and stretched, suggesting sleepily, 'honey, I think you should cover up before looking out of the window.' Despite the warning he was giving he did not seem overly concerned.
She giggled girlishly, stepping back from the window and covering herself with an arm across her breasts, a hand between her legs. He admired her naked form, partially silhouetted in the light of the breaking dawn. She w…