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Coming soon - an anthology of four

Coming soon, for one week only - a treat - An Anthology of FourFour Tom Covenent short stories for the price of one...The Fourth Room (Part 1)Beyond Their Boundaries (Part 1) The ClubThe Agency (Part 1)The Meeting

Coming soon...for a limited time only

The Anthology of Four

Coming soon...a special treat...for a short time only...The Anthology of Four - four Tom Covenent erotic episodes in a single $0.99 ebook (The Meeting, The Agency, The Fourth Room and The Club) From Amazon.

Wives Awakened - New Flyer


Supernatural Short Stories...

Tom Covenent on Smashwords

Tom Covenent on SMASHWORDS

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Wives Awakened


The Model Wife - Part one and two in a single ebook.


The Model Wife (Part 1 and 2) - an offer about to expire! (It expired!)