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Spanking Girls


Guest blogger tells us a few suspender (garter) belt tips...

I hope you find this info helpful : The waistband should not dig into your waist. It should hold you snugly, but not tightly. It should fit smoothly down over your hips. The best garter belts have an adjustable waist, but pull-on types can work just as well if you are careful when you buy them. The garters should hang from your hips, not your waist. 

DO NOT BUY A GARTER BELT WITH PLASTIC CLIPS. You will regret it if you do. Steel garter clasps do not harm your expensive stockings any more than plastic ones do. Plastic ones have the unfortunate tendency to let go of your stockings at the worst possible moment, sometimes in a chain reaction or zipper effect where they all let go, one by one, within seconds of each other. Don’t buy a garter belt with plastic clips. Just . . . don’t. (Especially if it has a skinny little elastic waistband, and plastic garter clasps.)! 

To properly wear a garter belt and stockings, put the garter belt on first when you are getting dressed. Then attach your s…

Tom Covenent writing as Dan Cocker

'The Meeting' and 'Beyond Their Boundaries' (Part 1: The Club) were written under the name of Dan Cocker for the sadly now defunct Horny Devils Publishing.

Tom now writes only under the name Tom Covenent and only self publishes.

Both Dan Cocker works are still available from several distributors, including Amazon's KDP.

The Meeting

My smile came easily as I pushed my plate out of the way and reached across the table to take her cool hands in mine. 
"Darling, I’m absolutely not against it, but a fantasy role play behind an avatar in cyberspace is very different from a real life meeting.”
“I know.” She broke eye contact and looked down at our joined hands, “but I’ve thought of nothing else since I discovered your little... secret. I have to do it, we have to do it.”

The embarrassment of her discovering my little secret, as she delicately put it, remained with me. 
Trapped in a sexless marriage, Paul, an aspiring author, finds himself slipping into the alluring world of…

A pleasant surprise

“Stockings! Oh my god,” he exclaimed as the hand making the discovery slid from the rough grasping texture of nylon onto smooth warm flesh. His travelling palm bumped over a button and hoop and followed the attached strip upward. The path he followed was not uninterrupted, the strap was crossed by sliver of lace and satin. He smiled knowingly. She had put her panties on last…

A little for the cross dressers amongst us


The joy of slinky satin

It is never a good idea to restrict the ability of a man to slip your panties down ladies, to slip them down a little, a little more, down to mid thigh perhaps, then all the way down and over your eagerly pointing toes...can't you just feel them slithering off? But that is not the end of them, now the slippery satin is against your cheek, is that cold or wet? It is sometimes hard to tell, but the aroma is unmistakably your own. He lets them trail across your face, your open mouth, your velvet tongue and now you taste as well as smell. But if you should forget, in your eagerness to dress, and put them on before your stockings, he will have no choice but to unhook the stockings and then...PING! Ouch! OH! OH! My eye!

Tom Covenent: Tom Covenent: Panties on LAST - POLL

Panties on last - a short story

She only ever wore stockings for sex. Maybe some people would consider that to be a sexist statement, but it was a fact. She found them difficult to put on and uncomfortable to wear, but there was no denying the erotic arousal they invoked. She did not wear them for practical functional reasons. If she wanted to keep her legs warm or covered, she would wear tights, pantyhose her American cousins called them. She pondered the name as she pulled the laced detail top of a stocking over the bobble and clipped on the restraining loop. It didn't hold and pinged off. She tried again, cursing the elasticity, "I hope he appreciates the effort I put in," she muttered to herself. But at least she would avoid the problem recurring when she came to slip her panties off. They would go on last, so they could come off first.

Sophie's choice

Freshly showered, towelled dry, still naked, she examined herself in the full length mirror. 'Not bad,' she said, smiling and nodding confirmation at her reflection. The movement made her breasts wobble, drew her warm brown eyes to the raspberry red nipples that protruded stiffly from the fullness of each breast, as if seeking her attention, her favour, her fingers. She resisted their allure. There would be time enough for that later, and rougher fingers than her own to administer the attention her teats craved. She shivered in delight at the thought, though she was still warm from the shower. Her gaze dropped to her legs, she thought they were too thick at the thigh, but she was certain that her exercise regime was having some effect at last. She had recently been brave enough to have an intimate wax, though stopping short of what she really wanted. The neat patch of tight auburn curls still kept her lips hidden. On the bed behind her she had arranged her underwear, stockin…

Tom Covenent: Panties on LAST - POLL

Tom Covenent: Panties on LAST - POLL: online poll by Opinion Stage

Panties on LAST - POLL

online poll by Opinion Stage

Panties slipped on what are the alternatives?

As I said yesterday, there are alternatives to panties being slipped on last and it is, as forecast, another day.

Before I consider a few alternatives, I think it is worth considering again a few of the benefits which might be enjoyed by the person dressing (or enjoyed by others who might have a vested  - or pantied - interest.

Yes, there is a thong, yes it was slipped on it is not a shoe (for my Australian friends). 
Today I will address just one advantage and how alternatives might deal with it as efficiently as being able to slip the panties over the straps of a belt (suspender or garter, remember yesterday?).

The most obvious advantage of being able to remove panties without disturbing the stocking support arrangement is the need to perform natural waste disposal. I must add at this point that it is not a subject I consider to be particularly sexual, though the embarrassment factor of a wee accident (say that with a Scottish accent for comedic effect) can have sexual co…

Panties go on last!

Facebook Group 'Panties go on last'

Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessed with the arrangement of panties and suspender belts (for my American cousins, that's a garter belt - to avoid repetition and favouritism I shall say 'belt' or 'straps' from now on!).

And yes, I know I used a 'u' back there, sorry but I am English!

Anyway, back to the point of this post.

I'd hate to be called dogmatic, or too strongly biased (even though I actually am!) so here is a picture of a lady who put her panties on before attaching her stockings.

...and here is one where the panties went on last (meaning that at some point this lady was dressed like this, but without the panties...mmmm...sorry, but that is such a nice thought, and another reason to encourage the ladies to leave that special and evocative garment until last).

I never really noticed it before, but if you scan the internet for lingerie (as I do) you will soon realise that the vast majority of ph…