Panties on LAST - POLL

online poll by Opinion Stage


  1. I think it time the lingerie industry stopped making underwear that has to be portrayed the wrong way around by photographers!

  2. Since there was no option to vote for No Panties, I voted Yes, they should be put on last. It just makes sense for the practicality of using the restroom as well as leaving hose and garter on for playtime, if that's your kink..and it's one of mine.

    1. No panties is the same as panties over, as the option is there for a pair to be slipped on! I often do that if I find she is wearing none, and I love the mismatched look too!

  3. Last everytime, easier to get down to the business of convenience.

  4. I learnt at school that panties go on last. My suspender belt was white and I wore navy blue school bloomers over them!

  5. Of course, last. How better to get to the goodies or tinkle? xo

  6. easier to take off that way


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