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Erotica from Tom

Diana: Beyond Their Boundaries (Part 2 - includes part 1)

With the help of a pair of scissors, Diana finally released her new toy from its airtight plastic bubble and held it almost lovingly in her hands, her eyes wide; this was the Jelly Green Giant. It was larger than it had appeared in the photograph, could it really be an accurate replica of a penis as was claimed in the marketing blurb? She had always assumed her husband was on the large side of average, but this would make him, she mouthed the word silently, inadequate. She had an idea why the thought pleased her, her husband being subordinate was a secret fantasy that had been developing for some time. Holding the translucent green dildo in her right hand, she wiggled it so that the jelly-like shaft wobbled. It was obscene, veined, thick, she imagined how it would look if it had been real. She had never found the penis an attractive thing, often looking more like a gnarled and twisted tree branch than a sex organ. But it was wha…

To celebrate the release of 'Diana'!

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It's here! Beyond Their Boundaries: Diana

The second part of Beyond Their Boundaries tells Diana's story. Includes part 1: The Club.

Part prequel, part sequel, this second visit to the erotic world of the Club tells how the post menopausal housewife Diana came to perform in an erotic tableau while her wandering husband found himself relegated to the role of voyeur.  Less

In this second part of the Beyond Their Boundaries saga, we learn how the subservient housewife Diana came to perform while her wandering husband was relegated to the role of passive voyeur. We look on as their relationship spins seemingly out of control at the hands of the erotic puppeteers behind the Club.
The returning libido of the subservient housewife launches her into an undiscovered country of forbidden fruits and hungry predators. Will the marriage survive or will lust destroy their uncertain love?

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