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He had left her open, like an exotic flower blooming in the rain, the edges of frilled petals gleaming wet in the light of the lamp.
The moment Margaret stormed in the door her husband knew the evening was going to be tumultuous at worst, risqué at best. He was banking on the “best” case scenario. 

Blindfolded and comfortably secured to a living room chair, Margaret agrees to let a couple of salesmen witness their sex play. 

What her husband thought would be fun bit of exhibitionism soon turns into something more, much to his surprise and Margaret’s delight.

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Updated cover art for The Meeting and Beyond Their Boundaries (Part 1: The Club)

Yes,  its refresh time.

With the publication of the paperback version of 'The Meeting' I've refreshed the cover art for the Kindle version!

More reflective of the content, meet Paul, Samantha and their new friend Dan.

The Meeting at Smashwords

...and with the imminent conversion of 'The Club' to paperback, a new e-book cover seemed appropriate...

The Club at Smashwords

...and I could hardly ignore my first erotic work could I?

Wives Awakened at Smashwords

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Now in paperback format

Coming soon, in paperback format

The Model Wife (part 1 and 2 in a single volume).

The Meeting - coming soon in paperback format


The Fourth Room now available in paperback format...keep a hand free...


Wives Awakened is now available as a paperback...keep one hand free.


Available soon in paperback format!

'Wives Awakened' and 'The 4th Room' will soon be available in paperback format. 
Ideal format for the littlest room in the house, or the bedroom drawer (within easy reach when you are cuddled up with your significant other).
If he or she has fallen asleep, don't forget to keep one hand free...
Tom Covenent.

The Fourth Room

Margaret and Jeff live in humdrum suburbia. Married for 25 years, they were an unremarkable middle aged couple working toward retirement. 

But Jeff and Margaret shared a secret. 

It had been Jeff's idea to spice up a flagging sex life by converting their fourth bedroom into an adult play room. Sleeping in the spare room had once been a lonely and sad affair, the consequence of a headache or a badly timed squabble over some minor domestic issue. But if Jeff found Margaret in the spare room now, it was the green light for increasingly erotic playtimes. 

But neither Jeff nor Margaret had shared all of their secrets, Jeff is harbouring an increasingly overwhelming secret desire and Margaret hides a colourful past experience. 

Will Jeff's fantasy escape into a new reality in the Fourth Room, will Margaret's naughty secret be exposed?

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It was as if the doorway to the fourth room was a gateway between different worlds, the everyday world of …

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The Meeting

The Model Wife (Part 2) - All Romance Ebooks

After her short lived career as an artists model, Emma finds herself embarking on a new career in front of the camera. Voyeuristic husband, Edward, encourages her to follow her dream, while harbouring secret desires that may push their relationship to the brink. Will Edward's secret obsession push her down the road toward a career in the sex industry, or lead to mutually satisfying relations?

The Model Wife (Part 2) - All Romance Ebooks

The Model Wife - All Romance Ebooks

The Model Wife - All Romance Ebooks

When a retired couple find themselves a little short of cash, ordinary housewife Emma agree's to pose nude for a life class. Her husband is unaware that his wife has more than boosting the family coffers in her mind. 

A closet exhibitionist, how could she resist such an opportunity? Chaperoned by the elderly college custodian, finding herself attracted to the art tutor, will she resist temptation? 

A classic erotic story of a wife helping to increase the family income by any means at her disposal, with the added bonus of realising a lifetime exhibitionist fantasy. Emma finds herself going further than she plans, becoming the plaything of the elderly school custodian as the art teach enjoys watching the show. 

But will Emma be able to resist the opportunity to live out her deepest fantasies? 

Take the opportunity to step into the erotic world of Tom Covenent with this first part and join Emma as she explores her blossoming mid life sexuality.

The Meeting - All Romance Ebooks

The Club - All Romance Ebooks

The Fourth Room - All Romance Ebooks

After 25 years of marriage, even the strongest relationship may flounder in the bedroom.
But suppose you take it out of the bedroom?

Jeff and Margaret find reborn passion in the shared secret of the Fourth Room, but can Jeff hide his secret desire or Margaret her secret past?

The Fourth Room - All Romance Ebooks

The Fourth Room

Now available from Amazon (Worldwide) and Smashwords...

...Margaret began to unbuckle her belt with one hand, popping out her coat buttons with the other. Excitement was robbing her of breath, making speech difficult. Her breast was heaving.

“I think it would be more comfortable…,” she gasped, allowing her coat to drop from her shoulders and slide to the floor, “…here, on the counter.”

Her own laboured breathing, the buzzing of the failing strip-light, his prurient shining wet lips; she would recall the scene many times over. Never would she feel so desperately aroused, so wanton, as she did in that moment. Leaning back against the hard top of the counter, she slowly and deliberately positioned her hands, fingers spread, palms flat, onto the soft flesh of her thighs. The tips of her thumbs touched the patterned silk of her panties.

He had not moved, still holding the phallus, but dipped, apparently forgotten. Her eyes were drawn to movement. His left hand was not visible, plunged deep…

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Tom Covenent: The Fourth Room is open...

Lowest Price for all Tom Covenent titles

The Fourth Room (previously 'The Encounter')

Soon to be released on KDP and to celebrate, I've reduced all my works to the lowest price Amazon allows - $0.99 (about 0.75 GBP).

The Fourth Room

He returned his attention to her, his searching gaze sweeping from the puddle of her skirt, up stocking clad legs, lingering briefly but perceptively at scantily covered thighs and a little longer at her naked breasts, before fixing with her own uncertain brown eyes. She saw no uncertainty in his eyes. They were as bright blue and superior as she ever remembered them, his face even more impossibly handsome than she remembered. Olive skinned, his high cheekbones, aquiline nose, ready smile and close cut pitch black hair, were the features of a Persian prince. He positively beamed back at her. Despite herself, the defensive shield of her anger collapsed...
Jeff and Margaret are an ordinary middle aged couple seeking to enhance a flagging love life by converting one of the rooms of their ordinary suburban house into a play room worthy of…

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