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Why tie your panties down?

The question is, why would you want to put your panties on before your garter (suspender) belt - and if you do, why attach the stockings over the panties, as you could still save the day by pushing the straps underneath the panties before attaching. Any thoughts?

Shades of Pink

I so much prefer shades of pink to those of grey!  Pinterest - Shades of pink collection

But then I am not a woman am I!

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Sinful books?

Panties on last, off first!

One of the benefits of panties over straps is the retention of the integrity of the stockings and straps when the panties are removed...

Reviews of Wives Awakened - Also available on Amazon!


Panties on last!

She was ready. He paused, hand gripping the smooth round door handle. One twist and pull was all that stood between them and a new landscape, a new vista that would surge over their lives as irresistibly as the flood of a tsunami.   

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“He had left her open, like an exotic flower blooming in the rain, the edges of frilled petals gleaming wet in the light of the lamp.” 

The moment Margaret stormed in the door her husband knew the evening was going to be tumultuous at worst, risqué at best. He was banking on the “best” case scenario. Blindfolded and comfortably secured to a living room chair, Margaret agrees to let a couple of salesmen witness their sex play. What her husband thought would be fun bit of exhibitionism soon turns into something more, much to his surprise and Margaret’s delight.

5.0 out of 5 starsOne word...HOTJanuary 21, 2015 ByJulie Cameron Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase This is the stuff of fantasies! My only complaint...I wanted about leaving me hanging! I will be reading much more from this author! Cheers, Tom!



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Erotic PIN collection

A striptease - panties were slipped on last...