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The Birthday Gift...continues.

Steve knelt and tenderly held Geoff's foot in a cool soft hand, surely too gentle to me a man...Geoff closed his eyes and allowed his mind to wander. The stockings were attached by two pairs of hands...the belt clips cold on his skin. The straps pulled, the image of stockings and belt broke through his efforts to distance himself from the events; Geoff could do nothing to stop his arousal. Fabric tightened across his back and two people simultaneously lifted his arms to pull straps up and over his tense shoulders, fingers fumbled to clip the bra at the front. His nipples tingled, though his breast was too flat and they did not rub on the inside of the cups; he imagined how it would have felt to be a woman and fill the bra with voluptuous breasts.

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The Birthday Gift continues...

Watching the way Steve was handling the garments, Geoff pondered the sexuality of the thin man. He reconsidered his earlier conclusion that Steve's discomfort was down to being unaccustomed to the company of,  and being in contact with, a naked female. He was handling the lingerie with undisguised pleasure, running the stockings across his palms, rubbing the satin panties between thumb and fingers; all the time he was smiling with the delight of a kid in a sweetshop.

Further contemplation of Steve's sexual tendencies was interrupted by the return of Jean in the doorway. It was certainly a day for transformations. He stared at her, his mouth hanging open. She was a study in scarlet and black. Pale skin peeked between the intricate patterned lace tops of sheer black nylon stockings and the folded black frilled skirt of a blood red satin corset. Her voluptuous breasts were squeezed to overflowing, a hint of brown areola teased from behind black lace trim. Lips pursed, full and gl…