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Wives Awakened

Wives Awakened available from Amazon US (e book format - also available as a paperback) 

6 short erotic stories by British erotic writer Tom Covenent...

Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 starsMarried life will never be the same.January 26, 2014 ByVanessa Alexander Format:Kindle Edition Tom reveals the dark depths of the suppressed passion of the "normal" suburban husband and wife. These 6 stories take us on a journey into the hidden fantasy's, the dark desires of the male mind. Tom gives us 6 stories only a man can write. Comment|
Was this review helpful to you? Yes No 5.0 out of 5 starsCaliente!!!!!July 30, 2013 ByLiscia Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Birthday Gift - continued.

Before he could make his next move, his hands were grasped and pushed down, the panties hidden from him. He looked up, frustrated, seeking an explanation. Their eyes met and for a moment nothing was said.
When she spoke her her voice was soft, androgynous, though she made no effort to disguise her gender.
'No, not as a man.'
Geoff understood, released his grip and stood, met the smiling face of his watching wife.
'Rayanne is a beautician and an expert at makeovers,' explained his wife, turning to the transvestite, she continued, 'she has already agreed to taking you as her client.'
'It will be my pleasure,' Rayanne confirmed, slipping off her jacket and turning to the table behind her.
Geoff noted that her bra strap was visible tight across her back, through the blouse. It prompted the question.
'What about clothes?.'
It was his wife who answered.
'I have already picked out clothes for you, and your name.'
'My name?'

Facebook 'Live Writing' Part 1 and 2 of 'Her Birthday Gift'

Geoff was unaccustomed to the rush hour traffic. Slowly crawling along behind the red double decker bus - which seemed to have decided that the bus lane was far too easy an option - he drummed his fingers in frustration. The delay ate up the extra minutes he had stolen by leaving two hours earlier than usual, though he still had an hour and a half in hand. Glancing down at the clock on his iPhone had nearly sent him into the back of the bus several times already, but his frustration overcame common sense and once again he checked the glowing rectangle. Naturally the bus chose this moment to pull up once again. With an unpleasant crunch he drove his beautiful BMW into the back of the Routemaster, confirming the demise of his planned surprise. The black cab pulled up abruptly; had it not been for his seat belt, sensibly clicked into place before the vehicle had moved off from the garage where his BMW was to spend the next few weeks, Geoff would have landed on the floor amongst the det…

The Fourth Room

Apart from the bed and the large oblong mirror, still reflecting the contemplative topless Margaret, the whore in the boudoir, there were two other items of furniture; a small three draw chest of drawers, which like the wall was skinned in red velvet, and the complicated form of a leather covered bench. The bench reminded him of a handy-man’s workbench, it appeared to be adjustable and bore several black fittings, various straps, hoops and fastenings. He could only imagine what purpose this might be put to.  
“I asked Jeff if I could have a chat alone with you, first,” he explained, still fascinated by the bench, “he seemed good with it. Is that OK with you?”
She glared at him, funnelled anger as a defence. “As you might have noticed,” she said, in as sarcastic a tone as she could muster under the circumstances, “I am not exactly in a position to make decisions.”
He returned his attention to her, his searching gaze sweeping from the puddle of her skirt, up stocking clad legs, lingering b…

Least favourite pose

I don't know why it is, but this is my least favourite model pose...

Any thoughts why this might be?

Do you have a pose that does nothing for you?