Birthday Gift - continued.

Before he could make his next move, his hands were grasped and pushed down, the panties hidden from him. He looked up, frustrated, seeking an explanation. Their eyes met and for a moment nothing was said.
When she spoke her her voice was soft, androgynous, though she made no effort to disguise her gender.
'No, not as a man.'
Geoff understood, released his grip and stood, met the smiling face of his watching wife.
'Rayanne is a beautician and an expert at makeovers,' explained his wife, turning to the transvestite, she continued, 'she has already agreed to taking you as her client.'
'It will be my pleasure,' Rayanne confirmed, slipping off her jacket and turning to the table behind her.
Geoff noted that her bra strap was visible tight across her back, through the blouse. It prompted the question.
'What about clothes?.'
It was his wife who answered.
'I have already picked out clothes for you, and your name.'
'My name?'
He struggled to comprehend. How could she be so prepared?
She recognised his confusion.
'I've planned this for a while,' she explained, continuing despite his obvious discomfiture or perhaps because of it, 'Geoff. Do you think I don't look at your browser history? Do you think I haven't noticed my clothes disturbed, in my my lingerie drawers?'
Rayanne interrupted, 'Geoff, would you take a seat?'
Steve appeared, carrying a chair which he positioned where Rayanne was indicating, Geoff sat down heavily in response to a gentle but firm push in the centre of his chest. He was reminded once again that this elegant female was in fact a man.
He saw Jean's naked bottom disappearing through the kitchen doorway. Looking around he realised that only Steve and Rayanne remained.
'Where is Barnes...I mean Master Ben?'
'Never mind him,' said Rayanne in a soothing tone, brushing back his hair, her fingers spreading like the teeth of a comb,'we have some work to do here. Master Ben and Bruno are taking care of Jean. Steve is going to assist us here, aren't you Steve.'
'Yes Miss Rayanne,' confirmed the remaining man, still looking as uncomfortable as he had when playing with Jeans breasts.
'Why don't you begin by finding Geoff some nice panties - I have a selection in my bag on the table - while I sort out these...' she looked pained as she traced the line of the offending hair growth,'eyebrows?'
His expression brightened instantly, his smile as dazzling as the sun emerging from behind a swiftly moving cloud.
'Of course Miss Rayanne, I'd love to.'
Rayanne set to work thinning Geoff's eyebrows while Steve rummaged through her bag. Geoff soon got used to the sharp painful tugs, breathing in her perfume and enjoying the touch of her blouse as she leaned over him. He tried to resist the urge to look down her blouse, partly because he feared to see anything to spoil the illusion of her femininity but also because he was respectful of her privacy. He watched Steve extracting various garments from her tasteful and obviously expensive bag, although the LV motif meant nothing to him, he recognised quality in the soft beige leather, it would be a designer bag - he doubted anything owned by Rayanne would be fake or cheap. be continued.


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