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The Housewife

Well, its coming along well, my latest effort is a short story about a woman who reaches 49 and decides that her clock is going to count backwards. This one is for self publishing, I wan't it to be read!

I really do love my readers!

I received a very nice review today, it reminds me and I hope all authors and publishers everywhere, that it it the reader who is important to us all!

Without reader feedback, what is the point of writing?

Sue Milkovich on Sep. 22, 2012 :

Well our secret is out...couples over and around 50 still have sex and fantasies.This book was such a treat first of all 6 stories in 1 book.With couples that were so completely different from each other.It was funny and witty and what I call insta-wet what more could you ask for.This is my first Tom Covenent Book but it definately won't be my last.I love when I find a great author to follow.

Thank you Sue!

Gregory Peck

There are some actors who just make a movie for me, one of these is Gregory Peck. 
Having just visited Rome and put my hand into the mouth of truth, how could I resist seeking out 'Roman Holiday?' 
Now I have to watch 'The Big Country' and 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' yet again!
let me know if you agree!

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A new work from Tom...

A husband, a wife, her desire, his wish!Coming soon from Tom Covenent ... 
The Reluctant Volunteer... The fact was that Amanda had lost her libido when she turned 50 and now, six years on, she still had no interest in sex. At least she had no interest in sex with him. 

Although she did not know it, he had recently uncovered something about her that had taken him aback, opening up a whole range of new possibilities, though he had not initially known how to open them up. Albert had always been more sexually active than Amanda and her ‘freeze up’ as he thought of it, had left him in almost sexual despair. Before the boys were born, he and Amanda had regularly spent weekends in bed, watching numerous porn videos which he had borrowed from colleagues at work, reading girlie magazines he had surreptitiously purchased from newsagents in the less salubrious parts of town.

He had even visited a sex shop to obtain a rather splendid vibrating green dildo called a ‘Jelly Green Giant’ which he was all…

Latest Review, thank you Rosanna!


Review by: Rosanna Leo on Sep. 11, 2012 : 
Tom Covenent's stories were a fresh and utter surprise to me. These steaming tales of 50-something couples finding themselves in unexpected, sexual situations were delightful. I enjoyed reading about mature women letting loose and finding themselves, as their bemused husbands looked on. Loads of fun.
(reviewed long after purchase)
Tales of Masturbation and Imagination Volume 1 By Tom Covenent

I love my readers!

ReviewsReview by: Samantha Ledbetter on Sep. 08, 2012 : 
Mr. Covenant pushes you to explore lip-biting fantasies in these 6 short stories of pure erotic bliss. A definite must-read just busting at the seams with pure delight. This is what erotica is all about. Perfect for couples who want to spice it up, or even for those little nights alone. I even read one of the stories at work and had a little fun when I got home ;) You dont want to miss this treasure! Just wow!
(reviewed long after purchase) Review by: Elaine Raco Chase on Sep. 01, 2012 :

A Question of Morality

He stared blankly at the screen of his computer, only vaguely aware of the e-mail headings flashing up or down in response to the listless tapping of his long and, he thought, too elegant fingers. He paused when her name appeared, his empty stomach lurched. But it was on old mail and he tapped over it. He did not want to be reminded of how things had been before, before the weekend. What a different a weekend could make. 
The sudden shriek of the telephone snapped him out of his reverie before it had even properly begun. He slowly picked up the handset and put it to his ear.
“Tom,” he snapped his name. He knew who it would be.
He heard background noise, a breath, then…
“Hello Tom, it’s me.”
As he knew it would be … he said nothing and fought not to breathe.
“Tom, I’m sorry.”
Still he said nothing. He felt a sick emptiness in his stomach and gripped the handset tight against his ear. He could hear her breathing, knew she had the handset tight held too, the plastic casing creaked. He i…

Model Wife

“Would you mind taking off your shoes, when you sit down?” he said, interrupting her thoughts.

She looked down past breasts, belly, to her feet. Shining black shoes peeked out below her nakedness; they somehow emphasised it.

“Oh, no, sorry I forgot.”

“If you sit, he said, I’ll slip those off and help you pose.” He smiled.

Damn don’t smile.

Completely out of her control her body had responded, her nipples stiffened. She knew they would be so obvious and didn’t know where to look. She found herself looking right into his eyes.

She sat down.

He knelt at her feet, looking up at her he said “cross your legs, I’ll slip off the shoe.”

She did, he slipped it off. Without being told to, she uncrossed and re-crossed the other way around. The image of Sharon Stone doing just that entered her head. She wondered if he had made that connection. If he had, he gave no indication of it. She had forgotten they were not alone, she watched him at her feet as if he were her lover. He slipped off the other shoe an…