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Review by: Samantha Ledbetter on Sep. 08, 2012 : star star star star star
Mr. Covenant pushes you to explore lip-biting fantasies in these 6 short stories of pure erotic bliss. A definite must-read just busting at the seams with pure delight. This is what erotica is all about. Perfect for couples who want to spice it up, or even for those little nights alone. I even read one of the stories at work and had a little fun when I got home ;) You dont want to miss this treasure! Just wow!
(reviewed long after purchase)
Review by: Elaine Raco Chase on Sep. 01, 2012 : star star star star star
The pond is boiling! The six erotic short stories are quite different in the fact everyone is mature (no dithering "holy crap" twenty something's here thank God!), the couples awaken their deepest, hidden fantasies.

The writing is evocative, enjoyable and adult - all are fun, highly erotic reads. And I agree with the other reviewers - perfect for a bedtime story for two or more, if you are so inclined.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)
Review by: Kali Maddox on July 16, 2012 : star star star star
Are you looking for realistic erotica that involves more mature couples and fantasies? Tom Covenant's 'Tales of Masturbation and Imagination Vol. 1' is a book I would recommend reading! It is a collection of 6 short erotic tales featuring 'normal' couples who find themselves in scenarios to realize some of the deepest fantasies! I loved that they involved a 'gritty' sense to them, as if you were right there in the room. They are the perfect length to fit into any part of your day that you find a little alone time. Go on - Have a peek. You know you want to ;-)
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Melanie on July 03, 2012 : star star star star star
Heat from across the pond.... that is how I would describe this book! I loved the fact that the main characters were older and that the women somehow needed to be talked into or encouraged in order to perform. The content is hot and erotic and it was a very enjoyable read for me.. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys erotica.. I am waiting for Volume 2.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)
Review by: Holly Clearwaters on June 20, 2012 : star star star star star
Loved the erotic short stories. A great bedtime story
(reviewed within a month of purchase)
Review by: liscia allen on June 19, 2012 : star star star star star
Tales of masturbation and Imagination Volume 1 by Tom Covenant....I really enjoyed these 6 short stories. A real turn on....hopefully there will be a Vol. 2 in the near future. ;-)
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Mikki Anne on June 13, 2012 : star star star star star
Aptly named, Tales of masturbation and Imagination Volume 1 by Tom Covenant is sizzling hot, bringing fantasies to life with vivid, descriptive writing. Sure to bring you to the height of arousal, the selection of stories offer delicious scenarios for husbands, wives, friends and strangers. No one misses out on the fun!
Highly erotic, these tales will warm the coldest of nights, and steam up the driest of rooms.....
Recommended reading for the adventurous and fun loving.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: Elicia Stoll on June 11, 2012 : star star star star
If you're in the mood to read something hot and steamy or you'd like to get in the mood, Tom Covenent's Tales of Masturbation and Imagination Volume 1 is the book for you. He takes you on a journey into the lives of husbands and wives that find themselves in situations that allow their fantasies to come true.
(reviewed the day of purchase)


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