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The dispute with Secrets In Lace

Latest from Secrets In Lace...
HI Tom - we believe we have answered the question. We are not planning any videos on the subject. My response... But you have not, there really was no need to have the belt over. If it were true what you say then why would all of your photos show the panties strapped down? I have shared your response with my over one thousand Facebook friends and the response is overwhelming and spreading. None of your photos show the panties worn as 'real' women wear them. It is a shame, I share your site in several of my groups and I would hope that you have at least some of your models correctly dressed Their response... 'We have from time to time shown Full Cut Panties and Tap Pants over Garter Belts - Thanks for your interest.' They clearly are not taking me seriously.

Secrets in Lace admit deliberate misleading

Well, we had it in writing!

Lingerie store 'Secrets in Lace' have admitted that they have another secret - they deliberately pose their models with panties under garter belts to 'focus' on the belt!

This misleading has resulted in a whole generation of women who struggle to pee and whose partners, husbands and lovers miss out on the beautiful sight of a pussy framed with belt straps and stockings.

How many beautiful scenes have been interrupted by a struggle with stocking clips and rolling down stockings? How many panties have been splashed and that magic moment ruined?

Are they sorry? Did they apologise?

No! They said 'we have answered your question and have no plans for an instructional video.'

Much as I enjoy their models and their lingerie, Secrets in Lace have shown themselves to be inflexible and intransigent and unwilling to support the cause.

Don't wear them UNDER - these are posed as models

Tim Covenent

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The perfect woman for a Tom Tale!


My Monday muse

The paradox of tight restraints
That gift her my volition 
The more I'm bound, more freedom found 
I gift her my permission...

Curiosity did not kill the pussy...

Wives and girlfriends...control your may LOVE what you find... A husband forgets to clear his browser history and leaves his computer on... She had always liked a good read, so she looked through the categories of the stories looking for something interesting, something she might not be familiar with. Then she began to read, and as she read she found herself aroused for the first time in many months, many years. She became acutely aware of her clothing, the points where the materials touched her body, rubbing, tickling and shifting against her skin. Still reading, she adjusted her top and felt it slipping on her bra beneath, her nipples stiffened at the touch and pressed against the cotton of the bra.
She crossed her arms over her chest, lightly flicking the protrusion of her left nipple with the fingers of her right hand, her right nipple with the fingers of her left hand, beginning with caressing, stroking, pressing, then pinching between thumbs and forefingers and gaspi…

Audio test

I thought I'd have a go at recording, not as easy as you might think!

I think I need some more reading out loud practice!

Audio File

The Model Wife Parts 1 and 2

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Part 1: Life Class
Part 2: Photo shoot

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Tom Covenent's 'The Agency'

The Agency

...she turned widening eyes toward me as I crouched on my hands and knees beside her, I gave her an uncertain smile. The cock in her mouth prevented any reciprocal response. Leaning forward, I kissed her cheek. She turned her head toward me, our lips touched. Closing my eyes, I instinctively slipped my tongue into her mouth. I had never touched a cock before, now I found myself exploring one with my tongue, sharing the exploration with her tongue...
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The Teaching

His lips brushed the lobe of her ear as he whispered, the intimacy of the touch emphasising the intimacy of his words.

“Go to the bathroom, take off your bra.”

Then he was gone from behind her, walking around the end of the table to take up his seat opposite her own.

She did not bother to protest the instruction; to do so would do nothing but cause embarrassment and later punishment. She felt a tingle of anticipation at that thought, for an instant considering the benefits of such an indiscretion. Deciding disobedience held too high a price, she pushed back her chair and rose.

The people sitting to her left and right turned to look up at her. Sensing rather than seeing their questioning expressions, she made no attempt to explain the action. Her husband followed the sway and roll of her thighs, the lift of her buttocks through the tight black skirt accentuated by her stiletto heels. Other eyes watched, slyly swapping appreciative smiles.

The bathroom was generously mirrored, refle…

Slip the panties on last, people

Stockings and panties...framing her like the gilded mount of a priceless masterpiece.

True, she may have a price, but can you deny that this is an intensely erotic image, real or imagined?

Slipping her panties down, lightly bumping over the clips attaching her stockings, she is ready, quickly and easily...

You know it makes sense.

Panties over the straps

The Model Wife

The Model Wife

Image he spoke, the tutor had moved in close against her. She could not help herself, responded by pushing her bottom against him, his hardness was apparent. He pushed his hands under her arms to cup her breasts, still hidden under the layers of blouse and bra. Probing with his fingers, a little roughly, she knew he was searching for her nipples. They were not difficult to find, her arousal saw to that. He flicked the protruding bumps with his thumbs and she felt them reacting to his touch, stiffening further. In response, she pressed her herself against him even harder, rolling her thighs slightly, not too obviously. She was breathing heavily, failed to stifle a moan when he kissed and nibbled at her neck. He was feeling for the buttons of her blouse, began to fumble the top one open. “No, please, no…” she whispered, but did not try to stop him. Instead, she reached around behind her, between their bodies, pushed her fingers under the belt of his pants. Finding his hard cock through …

A little poetry...