Secrets in Lace admit deliberate misleading

Well, we had it in writing!

Lingerie store 'Secrets in Lace' have admitted that they have another secret - they deliberately pose their models with panties under garter belts to 'focus' on the belt!

This misleading has resulted in a whole generation of women who struggle to pee and whose partners, husbands and lovers miss out on the beautiful sight of a pussy framed with belt straps and stockings.

How many beautiful scenes have been interrupted by a struggle with stocking clips and rolling down stockings? How many panties have been splashed and that magic moment ruined?

Are they sorry? Did they apologise?

No! They said 'we have answered your question and have no plans for an instructional video.'

Much as I enjoy their models and their lingerie, Secrets in Lace have shown themselves to be inflexible and intransigent and unwilling to support the cause.

Don't wear them UNDER - these are posed as models

Tim Covenent


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