Monday, 23 February 2015

The dispute with Secrets In Lace

Latest from Secrets In Lace...

HI Tom - we believe we have answered the question. We are not planning any videos on the subject.
My response...
But you have not, there really was no need to have the belt over. If it were true what you say then why would all of your photos show the panties strapped down? I have shared your response with my over one thousand Facebook friends and the response is overwhelming and spreading. None of your photos show the panties worn as 'real' women wear them. It is a shame, I share your site in several of my groups and I would hope that you have at least some of your models correctly dressed
Their response...
'We have from time to time shown Full Cut Panties and Tap Pants over Garter Belts - Thanks for your interest.'
They clearly are not taking me seriously.

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