The Fourth Room (previously 'The Encounter')

Soon to be released on KDP and to celebrate, I've reduced all my works to the lowest price Amazon allows - $0.99 (about 0.75 GBP).

The Fourth Room

He returned his attention to her, his searching gaze sweeping from the puddle of her skirt, up stocking clad legs, lingering briefly but perceptively at scantily covered thighs and a little longer at her naked breasts, before fixing with her own uncertain brown eyes. She saw no uncertainty in his eyes. They were as bright blue and superior as she ever remembered them, his face even more impossibly handsome than she remembered. Olive skinned, his high cheekbones, aquiline nose, ready smile and close cut pitch black hair, were the features of a Persian prince. He positively beamed back at her. Despite herself, the defensive shield of her anger collapsed...

Jeff and Margaret are an ordinary middle aged couple seeking to enhance a flagging love life by converting one of the rooms of their ordinary suburban house into a play room worthy of any brothel in the city. 

But the shared secret of the fourth room is not their only secret. 

Jeff, harbouring an increasingly strong desire to share his attractive MILF wife, contacts Tom, Margaret's ex husband...but Margaret harbours a secret of her own...


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