The Fourth Room

Margaret and Jeff live in humdrum suburbia. Married for 25 years, they were an unremarkable middle aged couple working toward retirement. 

But Jeff and Margaret shared a secret. 

It had been Jeff's idea to spice up a flagging sex life by converting their fourth bedroom into an adult play room. Sleeping in the spare room had once been a lonely and sad affair, the consequence of a headache or a badly timed squabble over some minor domestic issue. But if Jeff found Margaret in the spare room now, it was the green light for increasingly erotic playtimes. 

But neither Jeff nor Margaret had shared all of their secrets, Jeff is harbouring an increasingly overwhelming secret desire and Margaret hides a colourful past experience. 

Will Jeff's fantasy escape into a new reality in the Fourth Room, will Margaret's naughty secret be exposed?

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It was as if the doorway to the fourth room was a gateway between different worlds, the everyday world of humdrum reality and a fascinating erotic fantasy world with few limits. Despite twenty five years of marriage and two children, they soon discovered aspects of each-other's sexuality that had remained hidden since they had first made contact. They realized that they shared many of the same sexual triggers and it was with increasing excitement that Jeff, in particular, learned that their sexualities were complimentary and rarely clashed. The separation of fantasy and reality afforded by the room allowed them to relax their inhibitions and reveal deeper aspects of their personal sexuality.

The principle that what happened in the fourth room, stayed in the fourth room, was the reason that Jeff had found himself struggling with the decision to contact Tom or not. In the fourth room, the fantasy of being cuckolded could become a reality, yet remain a fantasy. 

Who better than Margaret’s ex-husband Tom to take on the role? 


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