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  1. Freedom of movement for panties - Photographs and discussions about solutions to the problem of having to unhook stockings for various practical reasons (including for fun practical reasons).
    Panties after garter straps - Dedicated to spreading the word that panties should go over garter (suspender in UK) straps. Closely associated with the first group but assuming that garter (suspender) belts are in use to support the stockings.
    Real people are sexier - Dedicated to fiction, real stories, photos and other erotica that deal with real people and not shape changers, vampires, superstars or billionaires
    Mismatched lingerie - Dedicated to photographs of women who do not totally match their lingerie sets, but wear panties, bras, garter (suspender) belts of different styles and colours
    Lingerie stores. Dedicated to the source of ladies underwear (even if worn by men) - online, high street or mall, stories, real or fictional, photographs of shop fronts, display arrangements, mannequins, changing rooms...all welcome!


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