The Model Wife - All Romance Ebooks

The Model Wife - All Romance Ebooks

When a retired couple find themselves a little short of cash, ordinary housewife Emma agree's to pose nude for a life class. Her husband is unaware that his wife has more than boosting the family coffers in her mind. 

A closet exhibitionist, how could she resist such an opportunity? Chaperoned by the elderly college custodian, finding herself attracted to the art tutor, will she resist temptation? 

A classic erotic story of a wife helping to increase the family income by any means at her disposal, with the added bonus of realising a lifetime exhibitionist fantasy. Emma finds herself going further than she plans, becoming the plaything of the elderly school custodian as the art teach enjoys watching the show. 

But will Emma be able to resist the opportunity to live out her deepest fantasies? 

Take the opportunity to step into the erotic world of Tom Covenent with this first part and join Emma as she explores her blossoming mid life sexuality.


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