Sophie's choice

Freshly showered, towelled dry, still naked, she examined herself in the full length mirror. 'Not bad,' she said, smiling and nodding confirmation at her reflection. The movement made her breasts wobble, drew her warm brown eyes to the raspberry red nipples that protruded stiffly from the fullness of each breast, as if seeking her attention, her favour, her fingers. She resisted their allure. There would be time enough for that later, and rougher fingers than her own to administer the attention her teats craved. She shivered in delight at the thought, though she was still warm from the shower. Her gaze dropped to her legs, she thought they were too thick at the thigh, but she was certain that her exercise regime was having some effect at last. She had recently been brave enough to have an intimate wax, though stopping short of what she really wanted. The neat patch of tight auburn curls still kept her lips hidden. On the bed behind her she had arranged her underwear, stockings, a garter belt, panties, bra. Sitting back on the bed, still looking into the mirror, she saw a hint of pink between her thighs. Reaching behind her, she felt around, found something lace and picked it up. It was a pair of very brief lace fronted silky panties, she saw them in her fingers, reflected in the mirror. 'Oh no,' she said aloud, shaking her head, her breasts wobbling in response, 'panties don't go on until last.' She dropped the garment back onto the bed and felt for something else...
Tom Covenent


  1. This photo nearly got my Facebook profile suspended, such prudes!

    1. Yes they happily rejected please to remove deliberately horrific pictures posted by supporters of Hamas!


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