Tom Covenent writing as Dan Cocker

'The Meeting' and 'Beyond Their Boundaries' (Part 1: The Club) were written under the name of Dan Cocker for the sadly now defunct Horny Devils Publishing.

Tom now writes only under the name Tom Covenent and only self publishes.

Both Dan Cocker works are still available from several distributors, including Amazon's KDP.

The Meeting

My smile came easily as I pushed my plate out of the way and reached across the table to take her cool hands in mine. 

"Darling, I’m absolutely not against it, but a fantasy role play behind an avatar in cyberspace is very different from a real life meeting.”

“I know.” She broke eye contact and looked down at our joined hands, “but I’ve thought of nothing else since I discovered your little... secret. I have to do it, we have to do it.”

The embarrassment of her discovering my little secret, as she delicately put it, remained with me. 

Trapped in a sexless marriage, Paul, an aspiring author, finds himself slipping into the alluring world of erotic prose. Flattering reviews from his number one fan lead to a virtual relationship of a different kind. Role play becomes real play. Then his secret is uncovered by his wife, Samantha. Caught in the ethereal glow of his monitor screen, he freezes like a rabbit caught in headlights. Sam freezes in denial. 

When Samantha finds Paul engaged in cyber-sex with a man, she fears for his sexuality, and their marriage. Realizing that she has been neglecting their physical relationship, Sam wakes her husband with hot passion on her lips. With intimacy restored, she allows her curiosity free reign, unwittingly igniting deeply buried primal fires. When Sam is left alone with Paul’s virtual bull, she takes matters into her own hands. A meeting is arranged. 

Will his reader inspire an exciting new chapter in Paul and Sam’s relationship, or will he be the author of the final chapter of their marriage?

Beyond Their Boundaries Part 1: The Club

The black dress was too short, too tight.  It rode up above her stocking tops as she walked.  She continuously tugged the hem down in what appeared to be a vain attempt to maintain her modesty, though it was already compromised.  The collar and leash alone would have ensured that, but the dress was skin tight, clinging like a second skin to the shape of her braless breasts.  They bounced gently as she walked.  Her nipples were swollen to stiffness, and they and their surrounding aureole were clearly visible through the tightness of the thin material.  Little more would be visible if she had been topless.  Occasionally, Stirling tugged the leash to ensure her pace matched his.  She seemed unsteady in the high-heeled, shining black shoes. 

Though happily married, Donald still shields a taboo fantasy so erotic and so sensual that he cannot help but devise a plan to make his desire come to pass. Using a dancer as a guise, excitement bubbles when he finally steps into the world of voyeurism. 

But his wife Diana is no stranger to the club or to the dancer. When they disappear from sight, Donald is left alone and confused. Apparently by chance, he meets the enigmatic Stirling and is given an invitation into the exclusive Member's only area. 

When faced with an explosive turn of events, will he relinquish or step beyond his boundaries?

The Meeting (Amazon US)

The Meeting (Amazon UK)

Beyond Their Boundaries, Part 1: The Club (Amazon US)

Beyond Their Boundaries, Part 1: The Club (Amazon UK)


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