Guest blogger tells us a few suspender (garter) belt tips...

I hope you find this info helpful : The waistband should not dig into your waist. It should hold you snugly, but not tightly. It should fit smoothly down over your hips. The best garter belts have an adjustable waist, but pull-on types can work just as well if you are careful when you buy them. The garters should hang from your hips, not your waist. 

DO NOT BUY A GARTER BELT WITH PLASTIC CLIPS. You will regret it if you do. Steel garter clasps do not harm your expensive stockings any more than plastic ones do. Plastic ones have the unfortunate tendency to let go of your stockings at the worst possible moment, sometimes in a chain reaction or zipper effect where they all let go, one by one, within seconds of each other. Don’t buy a garter belt with plastic clips. Just . . . don’t. (Especially if it has a skinny little elastic waistband, and plastic garter clasps.)! 

To properly wear a garter belt and stockings, put the garter belt on first when you are getting dressed. Then attach your stockings and adjust the length of the garter straps. THEN slip into your undies and finish getting dressed. Your underwear should be worn OVER the garter belt despite what you may have seen. If you wear your panties over the garter belt, then going to the ladies room is easy. If you wear your garter belt and stocking over your underwear, you will have to pull down the entire assemblage to take care of necessaries, and then you will have to pull them all back up, straighten your seams, and get everything back in order – If you think that is easy in your bedroom, try it in the tiny closets that we call public restrooms. Forget the pictures you may have seen. The proper way to wear your garter belt is beneath your knickers~


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