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Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessed with the arrangement of panties and suspender belts (for my American cousins, that's a garter belt - to avoid repetition and favouritism I shall say 'belt' or 'straps' from now on!).

And yes, I know I used a 'u' back there, sorry but I am English!

Anyway, back to the point of this post.

I'd hate to be called dogmatic, or too strongly biased (even though I actually am!) so here is a picture of a lady who put her panties on before attaching her stockings.

...and here is one where the panties went on last (meaning that at some point this lady was dressed like this, but without the panties...mmmm...sorry, but that is such a nice thought, and another reason to encourage the ladies to leave that special and evocative garment until last).

I never really noticed it before, but if you scan the internet for lingerie (as I do) you will soon realise that the vast majority of photographs of women (and men sometimes!) wearing suspender belts and stockings wear their panties (or thongs - note to Australian cousins, no not on their feet thongs) with the straps supporting the stockings over the top of the panties.

Oddly enough, I have never actually found that arrangement when enjoying the delightful exploration of a lovers underskirts. Of course these days it is quite rare for the fingertips of wandering hands to find that exciting transition from the rough rasp of nylon to the smooth warmth of naked flesh. But when one does, it is the icing on the cake to realise that the silky panties after the flesh can be dragged down without hitting the mechanical resistance of the clips that attach the straps to the stockings. I hear voices protest that the clips need not be a barrier to pleasure, they are easy to detach - and this is true. It is, however, an unfortunate characteristic of nylon stockings that they are cursed with elasticity - unclipping the stocking resulting in release of energy input during dressing and not only could the flying strap blind you (should your eye happen to be in the vicinity) but also the stockings descend unrestrained. There is little less erotic than crumpled rolls of nylon stocking on an otherwise sensationally smooth leg.    

There are alternatives, of course, to slipping panties on almost as an afterthought under your skirt.

But that is a discussion for another day - do come back (and in the meantime feel free to leave me a comment!)

Tom Covenent


  1. Admit it. You are obsessed. That's what makes you a good author.

    1. Thank you for for the compliment - I think!

  2. I started off with panties on last. Somehow over the years I conceded to fashion dictators. I now realize the error of my ways. Panties go on Last! Thanks Tom! :)


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