Panties on last - a short story

She only ever wore stockings for sex. Maybe some people would consider that to be a sexist statement, but it was a fact. She found them difficult to put on and uncomfortable to wear, but there was no denying the erotic arousal they invoked. She did not wear them for practical functional reasons. If she wanted to keep her legs warm or covered, she would wear tights, pantyhose her American cousins called them. She pondered the name as she pulled the laced detail top of a stocking over the bobble and clipped on the restraining loop. It didn't hold and pinged off. She tried again, cursing the elasticity, "I hope he appreciates the effort I put in," she muttered to herself. But at least she would avoid the problem recurring when she came to slip her panties off. They would go on last, so they could come off first.


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