Panties slipped on what are the alternatives?

As I said yesterday, there are alternatives to panties being slipped on last and it is, as forecast, another day.

Before I consider a few alternatives, I think it is worth considering again a few of the benefits which might be enjoyed by the person dressing (or enjoyed by others who might have a vested  - or pantied - interest.

Yes, there is a thong, yes it was slipped on it is not a shoe (for my Australian friends). 

Today I will address just one advantage and how alternatives might deal with it as efficiently as being able to slip the panties over the straps of a belt (suspender or garter, remember yesterday?).

The most obvious advantage of being able to remove panties without disturbing the stocking support arrangement is the need to perform natural waste disposal. I must add at this point that it is not a subject I consider to be particularly sexual, though the embarrassment factor of a wee accident (say that with a Scottish accent for comedic effect) can have sexual connotations. Maybe we will come back to that one day, but for now, lets leave it alone. The point is, for the comfort of the lady, it is important for her to be able to empty her bladder if it becomes uncomfortable, the last thing you want is for her to be in anyway distracted. I'm sure she would agree.

Having to detach her stockings, possibly in a confined space, is something I feel is to be avoided.

Before I introduce alternatives, I will say that though I personally do not see them as complete or desirable alternatives, they all have their place and should sometimes be used to add a little spice and variety. I'd also like to say that this is not intended to be a definitive list.

So what are these alternatives?

1. No panties at all.

Yes, OK, this is undeniably as efficient, in fact I admit it is more efficient. But of course there are disadvantages, some I shall cover in future posts (as they require special attention to detail and I do love to write detail) but for now, I will just say that panties are powerfully erotic garments and not having them to remove, or to leave in place, is not one of my personal favourites. On the practical side, it is not always comfortable not to have something to absorb a little seepage and it can be chilly too. I do admit that just stockings and belt is visually extremely erotic, framing that important place with straps and stockings is like framing a masterpiece. But you can have your cake and eat it, if the panties went on last.

2. Open Crotch Panties

I find it difficult to be objective about these. I admit that i just don't like them. Yes, access is available, but it is restrictive - and the chances are they will get a little wet during a trip to the cubicle, on the plus side they feel nice around  the shaft, if you know what I mean? Yes, I can see how these would appeal, but I will just add that surely the point of panties is the crotch (I'll tell you more about this in another post I am sure).

But if you like the idea...

Lace Open Crotch Boyshort with Removable Stocking Support Straps

3. Panties with ties.

Probably the best alternative, as they can be slipped open and become a scrap of material easily held out of the way or removed completely and restored if desired. But ties can become knotted and breaking a nail is a danger. Personally, I think these are a good idea when the panties are to be disposed of (not literally, but I mean, if they are not going to be put back on during the fun). Another problem is that they will need to be thong style panties (again, note to any Australian readers, not footwear).

Velcro in place of string is a possibility, but Velcro strips can be hard edged and uncomfortable. Accidents involving entanglement with pubic hair are possible - OUCH! One thing that Velcro has going for it - that satisfying RIP!

Oh and you might have to fashion these for yourself...

4. Hold Ups

I like these, but in my opinion they just aren't as erotically aesthetic (visual or touch) as stockings with suspender straps and clips, the catch of nylon and then the smooth warm flesh on my stubble cheeks feels nice - but I love the feeling of the straps and clips. Also they do not always stay in place...

Tom Covenent



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