Facebook Block

Hard to believe, but Tom Covenent (this writer) was blocked from posting anything on Facebook for 7 days because an unknown, unnamed, person reported this cover ...

So how does the Facebook process work? Well, they warn that someone has reported your picture, they tell you it is under consideration, then they apply a block - no right of appeal, no right of response.

When you try to post anything, this is the message you get (regardless of what you try to post)...

You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you're temporarily blocked from using this feature. Learn More.

To keep from getting blocked again, please make sure you've read and understand Facebook's Community Standards.
The block will be active for (whatever period is left)

If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

The extent of the block is to prevent any interaction at all, including the simple 'like'!

An interesting way for a company to operate in a free democracy!

Share the link if you dare!

Tom Covenent


  1. Yeah, I was blocked for several days once and still don't know what I did that caused it. Fb can go screw themselves if they think I'll change the way I do things.


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