Why write or read erotica?

You know how it is, that teetering on the edge, wanting to tell your partner what you want but not wanting to spoil the moment...sometimes it is hard to communicate, hard to take that step that could make all the difference.

I remember one occasion when my wife suggested that I was giving her so much attention using her panties, that she said she thought I wanted to wear them myself.

I couldn't bring myself to say either way. If I denied it, then the opportunity to tell her would be gone, if I took the quantum leap and exposed my secret desire, it could wreck not only that particular play time, but could damage us severely. So I said nothing - and sometimes saying nothing says it all.

Since then I have learned that communication through physical response to something seen, read or experienced is the safest way to learn and reveal those risky areas that go just over the border of what is considered the norm.

So, I began to write erotic short stories.

Now you too can use my experience to the benefit of your relationship, when you watch porn together, check out your partners response to what he or she is viewing...is he stiffer or she wetter when particular viewing scenarios? Look out for their response when viewing the unusual, cross-dressing, same sex, group scenarios...

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