The Fourth Room

She had fought all her life against the stereotype of subordinate female and was angry at finding herself in the role of humiliated subservient woman to this arrogant dominant man.

He would know how humiliated this scenario would make her feel, he would know it would be exciting to her in a way that she would not be able to resist despite herself. In an effort to display confidence, though inside feeling anything but, she pulled her shoulders back defiantly. This did nothing to alter her status. On the contrary, the effect was to lift and thrust her breasts out, further emphasizing her naked femininity.

He was a typical sexist pig, always referring to her breasts as “tits” and viewing them as male playthings. Their maternal function, for nutrition and comfort, was lost on him. It was why they divorced, she wanted children and he wanted pleasure. She imagined his eyes on her breasts now, involuntarily recalling how it had felt to have his hands on them. The still vivid memory triggered another involuntary hot release into the already soaked panties.

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